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While Coucou Speakeasy is just in its concept phase, we look forward to sharing more about our vision here. Stay tuned!


Coucou Speakeasy began its conception in 2022 after Joshua returned home from his honeymoon in Paris where he was inspired by the exuberant flower facades and many speakeasies he visited. 


Coucou is a playful way of saying "hi" in French, often when surprising someone.  However, Joshua's family and friends likely thought he was coocoo when he started telling them about his vision of opening a speakeasy.

With 10+ years in management, customer service, and luxury sales, namely as Sales Manager at Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery, as well as Project Manager at Timeless Design -- all paths lead Joshua to the creation of Coucou.

We look forward to serving you one day!

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